Our review system and how it works

[This is an automatic translation, for the current valid version change the language to German.]

Our review system allows you to rate each product you purchase. This will help us to better understand your needs and all other customers will have a better purchasing experience.

All text reviews must first be accepted by us (stars appear immediately, the text is under moderation) before they are published. This is done during normal working hours within one day. On weekends and certain holidays, reviews are usually not processed. The reason for this is to prevent unauthorized and objectionable contributions. We also reserve the right to delete unnecessary posts that violate the rules listed below in order not to interfere with the experience of all customers. We do not delete comments (whether positive or negative) as long as they are written objectively and justifiably!

However, we reserve the right to send you an answer to certain (especially negative) reviews with the request to adjust the rating if we disagree.

How do I capture a good review?

Of course this depends completely on the product.

Reviews can be posted at the bottom of every product page via the link in the "Review" section.

Give the product your stars and fill in the title and comment field.

Try to rate the whole product (with all its "features"). Thus your other customer helps you with your purchase decisions. The more fully a review evaluates and describes the product, the easier it is for you to cover any questions or concerns of other customers.

Give as objective a feedback on the product as possible, but don't forget that your personal opinion should not be forgotten either. For example, an e-liquid may be of the highest quality, but it may not be completely to your liking. A completely negative rating would not be very helpful for others. With a liquid of bad quality, which tastes really good to you, a completely positive rating would not be the yellow of the egg ;)

Reward (temporarily not yet functional)

As a reward for your effort to submit reviews, you will receive a one-time voucher worth 5.- CHF for your review. We still ask you to make the reviews product-related and especially helpful for other customers ;) We are working on issuing new vouchers every year, but this is still in progress.

Rules to be observed

We do not allow any:

  •     Advertising, or other spam
  •     strong political opinions
  •     racist, pornographic, or violent contents
  •     Reviews that count as responses to given reviews unless they include corrections related to the product and its evaluation
  •     other exchange of messages which has nothing to do with the products

In case of serious violation of the above mentioned points (especially concerning 1. - 3.), we will consider the suspension of your account! If a blockage is pronounced, all data to your account, except the address, e-mail and name will be completely deleted. The remaining data will then be used to automatically prevent a new registration. The lifting of such a block may be requested after one year. For this purpose please use the contact form of the page.