There are 2 basic types of substrates:

- Peat soil: The soil we sell has the advantage over hydro-substrates and other soils from the garden market, which it is always pre-fertilized and with a PH value of about 6.0 is best suited for cannabis. The soil is ready to start immediately. We recommend earth to everyone, from beginners to professionals. Soil also forgives a mistake in fertilization due to its buffer function and is more resistant to heat. The quality of the harvest is usually also better than with other substrates, especially if you are still working with organic fertilizers and soil fungi such as mycorhiza and/or trichoderma.

- Hydro-substrates: The main advantage of hydro-substrates is their higher yield, as the fertilizer can be used more accurately and also with a higher EC value. We do not recommend hydrosubstrates to beginners because a lot has to be considered. A PH and EC device are mandatory. Hydrosubstrates usually have to be prepared (buffered) before use and their PH value has to be adjusted. The most commonly used hydro substrates are coco and stone wool substrates.

Substrates: Soil, Cocos, Cutilene, Atami, Grodan, Rockwool

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