We carry 3 different hydro systems:

  • Ebb and flood coverings: These are the simplest hydro systems, they can also be used as an irrigation system for pots with soil, but can also be filled with expanded clay or slabs.

  • NFT systems: The Nutrient Film technology is impressively simple but very efficient. The nutrient solution flows constantly around the roots, at the bottom of the systems there is usually a fleece or root mat to channel the roots. Some systems are filled with expanded clay and others with stone wool culture blocks.

  • Aeroponics systems: Aeroponic systems are similar to NFT systems, but they dont need any substrates anymore, the roots hang in the air. This is the high-end version of all hydro systems, practical if you dont want to use substrates like expanded clay, rock wool or cocoserde. But it is also the most demanding method and is not recommended for beginners.

With all hydro systems it should be mentioned that the nutrient solution is a decisive factor, it has to consist of a high quality fertilizer, it has to be kept constant at a pH value of 5.8 - 6.2 and the water temperature must never be above 25 degrees for a long time, because the water then can no longer bind oxygen and the roots start to rot. Used correctly, such a system can achieve record yields.

Hydrosystems: Ebb Flood Systems, NFT Systems, Hydrosystems GHE, Growtool, Aeroponic

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