Harvesting Devices

Many growers do everything right until harvest time. Many harvest too early, they only look at the brown hairs of the flower. A better method is to use microscopes to check whether most of the resin crystals are milky. This is the optimal harvest time.

  • A few plants can be harvested loosely by hand with harvest scissors

  • From 15-20 plants a Tumble Trimmer or a Master Trimmer Pocket is not a bad investment

  • For larger harvests, Master Trimmer or Greenbroz harvesters are a good way to process a harvest efficiently and without much effort. The difference between these two manufacturers is that Master Trimmers process the flowers fresh and Greenbroz machines dry.

All harvesting methods produce trim waste, small leaves and flowers that can be further processed. There are 3 different methods:

  • Dry extraction using pollinators from Top Zeef

  • Wet extraction with extractor bags, water and ice, the best way is with a bubbleator

  • Gas extraction with butane gas or dimethyl ether

  • Rosin extraction, extraction by pressure and heat
Harvesting devices: microscopes, presses, pollen and gas extractors, trimmers, drynet


  • Rosin resin press
  • Drynet
  • Extractor bags and...
  • Tumble Trimmer
  • Master Trimmer
  • Infuser

    In addition to cannabis butter, you can use the Infuser to create edibles, herbal oils, flavored vinegars, coffee or tea extracts, and much more. Let your creativity run wild and create unique, creative and tasty cannabis creations. 

  • Toms Tumbler

    What would you do if a bud trimming machine could save you 50-60% on hand trimming labor costs while still preserving the trichomes, crystals, and structure of the flower? Toms Tumbler offers a full range of post-harvest equipment that provides a fast, affordable, and effective method of trimming while increasing your profits! Deleaf, trim, sort, extract, and refine biomass today.

  • Pollen-Extractors and...
  • Press
  • Trimbag

    We are KB Designs, creators of the Trimbag, the revolutionary way to quickly and easily process dry cannabis. In 2014 We set out to change the way things are done in the trim scene. Looking out for the small guy, we wanted to make an affordable way to accomplish a daunting task “Trimming”. When we discovered the Trimbag process retained the structure and natural contours of the flowers unlike other machines, we knew it was a game changer. Two years later we released the first version of the Trimbag and sold out in 6 weeks. From then on we have been helping farmers world wide expand their operations and get more free time back in their lives. So if you need a simple solution choose Trimbag for your next harvest.

  • Centurion Pro
  • Greenbroz Trimmer and...
  • Gas Extractors
  • Mikroskope
  • Scissors

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