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Graveda XL Rosin Filter Bags, 70x160mm
  • Graveda XL Rosin Filter Bags, 70x160mm

Graveda XL Rosin Filter Bags, 70x160mm

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XL Rosin Bags for the production of pure extracts

10x Filter Bags

Sieve thickness: 5 u

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We present our XL Rosin Bags for all those who like it a little bigger - just like Graveda, of course, at an unbeatable price.

Attention: These bags are not compatible with the BottleTech PrePress and the insertion aid


XL Rosin Bags for the production of pure extracts
Size: 70 mm x 160 mm
Mesh thickness available: 5µm, 15µm, 25µm, 35µm, 72µm, 90µm, 120µm, 160µm and 220µm

10x Filter Bags

The right micron size for Rosin Bags: A guide from Graveda:
Dear Cannabis Enthusiasts,
The Rosinpress technique has become increasingly popular in the cannabis community. A crucial factor for the success of this method is the choice of the right Rosin Bag. The micron size plays a central role in this. But which size is right for your material? Let's find out!

What does micron size mean?
The micron size of a rosin bag refers to the size of the holes in the sieve of the bag. A micron is one thousandth of a millimetre, i.e. extremely small. The smaller the micron size, the finer the sieve and theoretically the purer the rosin concentrate. Why theoretically? Cannabis is a natural product and flower A behaves differently to flower B. Furthermore, flower A can also produce a different result on other days due to storage and changes in humidity, for example. Since cannabis is a natural product, such differences can be noticeable ;-)

Which micron size for which material?
5 micron:
Optimal for: Mechanical separation of waxes from terpenes.
Why? These ultra-fine sieves allow a very specific separation, ideal for advanced extraction processes.
15 micron:
Optimal for: Production of THC-A.
Why? This size is specially optimised for filtration in THC-A production.
25-35 micron:
Optimal for: Finest materials such as bubble hash or dry sift.
Why. These fine sieves prevent small particles from passing through the sieve and mixing with the rosin.
72-90 micron:
Optimal for: General hash extractions and high quality flower.
Why. These sizes provide a good balance between flow and filtration, resulting in a clean cannabis concentrate.
120-160 micron:
Optimal for: fresh cannabis flowers and optimal yield.

When processing flowers, fine particles are less likely to pass through the sieve. A coarser screen allows for better flow and yield.
Tips for choosing the right Rosin Bag:

Material quality:
The higher quality and cleaner your source material, the finer the micron size can be. For dry material, a 90 micron bag is better than a 120 micron bag.

Yield vs. purity:
A finer screen may result in a cleaner rosin, but possibly at the expense of yield. A coarser sieve can increase the flow, but there is a risk that more unwanted particles will pass through.
However, the particles are often not visible even with a microscope. Every Friday we do a live stream on YouTube and Twitch and try out these things live with you. Afterwards, most of the live streams are still online on Graveda (YouTube).

Everyone has different preferences and goals. It can be helpful to experiment with different micron sizes to find out which works best for you and your material.

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