Lighting, along with climate and fertilizer, is the most important thing for successful plant cultivation.

We distinguish between conventional and LED lighting. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of conventional lighting using sodium vapor is the purchase price. In addition, the waste heat of the system often makes heating unnecessary in winter.

The disadvantages are the relatively high power consumption. Also, a luminaire must be replaced after about 1 year of continuous lighting and the reflector after about 2 years. Also, conventional lighting causes a lot of heat in the summer. The yield is not better compared to the newest LED systems, as it was at the beginning of the first LED lamps.

The advantages of LED lighting is the higher efficiency of the light output compared to the power consumption. The long life of the LEDs and the lower heat generation, lead to the fact that smaller exhaust fans can be installed for ventilation. The biggest disadvantage of LED lamps is the higher purchase price.

Lighting: LED, sets, fittings and fluorescent tubes, reflectors, switchgear


  • LED

    Wide range of different LED plant lamps including accessories.

  • Lighting sets and...

    Here you can find all-in-one compact lamps for your indoor plants

  • Fitting fluorescent tubes

    This is our fluorescent tubes department

  • Reflectors

    Reflectors are available in different versions:

    - The hammerblow reflector (reflector cap incl. accessories) is the cheapest, it is available in a 40cm version (suitable for 150-400 watts) or in a 50cm version (suitable for 400-600 watts).

    - Aircool and Cooltube reflectors are very suitable when it comes to minimizing the temperature in a grow box. As the light source is cooled by such reflectors, the systems can be brought closer to the plants. It should be noted, however, that the glass of the reflectors reduces the effectiveness of the lamp by about 10%. During the installation it is important that the fan for cooling is installed in front of the reflector, as the heated air could damage the fan.

    - Adjust a Wings reflectors are another reflector category that has many advantages: They distribute the light very well in all corners of a BOx and through the "spreader" mounted under the light source the reflector can be brought very close to the plants without damaging them. A disadvantage of these reflectors is the relatively high price, which is quickly amortised due to the good illumination.

    - Northstar, Diamond and E-Pappilon reflectors are ideally suited for illuminating square surfaces due to their shape. With these reflectors, the light from the light source is best directed onto the plants. The reflectors were developed on the computer to develop the most effective form of reflection. With the Northstar, care was taken to ensure that the heat of the light source in the middle can be seen upwards.

    We recommend replacing the reflectors after approx. 2 years, as their reflectivity decreases considerably after this time.

  • Ballasts

    Our ballasts with and without cable version

  • Lamps

    Illuminants from GIB, Sylvania, ElektroX, Osram, Sunmaster and Philips in various wattages as well as different fluorescent tubes

  • Spare parts and lamp...

    From simple cables, power strips and more exotic accessories to control panels and lamp holders, in this section you will find all the accessories.

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