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Zap! Juice emerged in the vibrant city of Manchester, known for its influential contributions to British culture

Zap! Juice emerged in the vibrant city of Manchester, known for its influential contributions to British culture. Established in 2016, Zap! Juice has carved out its own niche by infusing familiar flavors with unique and innovative twists, earning a reputation as specialists among vapers.

Driven by a vision, Zap! Juice aims to empower everyone who experiences their products, instilling a sense of belief and opportunity to be the best version of themselves, and to face the world with confidence.

The idea behind Zap! Juice was born from the director's determination to challenge the dominance of major US brands that overlooked and mistreated small B2C companies. With a belief that if they can do it, why can't we, Zap! Juice was created as a brand for individuals from all walks of life.

In 2019, as Zap! Juice outgrew its existing facilities, it moved to larger premises, including a state-of-the-art clean room and a research and development laboratory. During the global restructuring prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Zap! Juice played a vital role in combating the shortage of hand sanitizers by adapting its manufacturing facility to produce these essential products. Alongside supplying the NHS in the UK, Zap! Juice also shipped hand sanitizers across Europe while continuing to supply its e-liquid products internationally.

In 2021, Zap! Juice embarked on a new phase of growth by establishing a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in China, positioning itself at the forefront of industry innovation.

The Zap! Juice team is a diverse group, composed of staff members from various parts of the world, collectively speaking over 20 languages. This multicultural environment fosters a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere, where employees can learn about different cultures and overcome diverse challenges. Many team members have been with Zap! Juice for over three years, growing and advancing within the company. Moreover, Zap! Juice considers its customers and partners as integral parts of the team, often collaborating and working together at various exhibitions and events.

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