G-Spot Bongs

In 2000 we started to design glass bongs in Wertheim and to sell them under the brand name G-SPOT®. New innovative models were created exclusively from our own creative ideas. From smokers for smokers...

Meanwhile our bongs are known worldwide and we supply headshops in Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.

Quality has always been our top priority and so we developed the Panzerschliff® already in 2005. Until then, the ground joint was the weak point of glass bongs and 90% of all repairs we received were pipes with broken ground joints! The Panzerschliff® is an extremely thick-walled ground joint that is virtually indestructible and makes this weak point a thing of the past. See our video "Panzerschliff in the endurance test". Until today the Panzerschliff® is the most stable ground joint for glass bongs available on the market.

Every G-SPOT® bong and glass shisha from our bong store is made of temperature resistant borosilicate glass 3.3 ISO3585. Each G-SPOT® bong and G-SPOT® shisha is handmade and inspected for workmanship and quality by experienced glass artists. After completion, all G-SPOT® bongs and shisha are annealed absolutely stress-free

G-Spot Bongs

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