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We are Eva Katharina & Dino.

We would like to introduce you to our brand Mano de Santo and the company Canneo Group GmbH behind it.

Hemp has always been a faithful companion for us and, as life plays out, the way 2019 led us to the foundation of our company Canneo Group GmbH. Our goal is to take over the world domination - uhh *räusper, that was something different... - Lets start over again;

Our goal is to bring the cultivated plant hemp with its versatile application possibilities closer to the world again and so the brand Mano de Santo was created.

Mano de Santo literally means "holy hand" in Spanish or "miracle cure" in colloquial language - quite applicable to our core ingredient, hemp.  

Sustainability & quality are our top priority. In order to guarantee this, we prefer to produce ourselves or have ourselves supported by "thoroughly tested" partners.

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Mano de Santo CBD Powder+, 2% CBD, 600mg

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