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With 20 years of experience in the production of plant extracts and natural flavors for the realization of food supplements and high quality functional foods, our team decided to launch a range of E-liquids with the same serious and professional approach in a strict respect of our values: High quality, natural product and personnalized follow-up of our customers allowing a long term basis partnership for our common satisfaction.

Our flavors are exclusively natural and from french origin and was produced specially te be vaped giving to our customers unique sensations.

All of our E liquids are produced in France with vegetal Propylene Glycol (PG) of USP (United States Pharmacopea) quality and Vegetal Glycerin (VG), both in conformity with the European Pharmacopea.

Our nicotine has also USP quality (Origin: Alchem).

All these parameters give to us the possibility to offer to our customers a PREMIUM quality product, healthy, without water, without conservant, without sweetener or synthetic color, without animal origin ingredient, without sugar, without diacetyl or other bad substances.

We are fully controlling our distribution channel so we can afford to you a real partnership on long term basis providing to you: quick deliveries, flexibility in orders, communication support, developping support and possibility of exclusvity in a concrete area.

Finally, to deeply support our partners, we offer to you a very good price policy which, associated with the Premium quality of our products, will warranty to you good profits and important sales.

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