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Various ventilation parts to implement a holistic ventilation strategy. Here you will find parts such as connection flanges, bends and corner pieces, hoses, connectors, sleeves and various accessories.

Our big world of Ventilation Parts


  • Connection Flanges

    Explore high-quality Connection Flanges for your ventilation and air filtration needs. Find a wide selection of durable and precision-engineered flanges to ensure secure connections in your ventilation systems. Browse our range of flange options, perfect for growers, HVAC professionals, and indoor gardening enthusiasts.

  • Elbow Pieces 90 Degrees

    Upgrade your ventilation system with our Elbow Pieces 90 Degrees. These high-quality components are designed to create efficient 90-degree turns, optimizing airflow direction and enhancing your ventilation setup. Ensure precise control over air movement with our reliable elbow pieces.

  • End Caps for...

    Our End Caps for Ventilation Pipes provide a secure and sealed closure for your ductwork. Ensure optimal airflow control and ventilation system integrity with our high-quality end caps.

  • Cross Fitting

    Our Crosspiece (Kreuzstück) is the cornerstone of airflow manipulation. Craft intricate ventilation pathways and maximize directional precision with our versatile cross fittings.

  • Air Distribution Duct

    Our Air Distribution Duct (Luftverteilungsschlauch) is the conduit of efficient airflow management. Create optimized ventilation pathways and maintain air distribution with our quality ducts.

  • Metal Connectors

    Our Metal Connectors (Metallverbinder) are the sturdy links in your ventilation system. Ensure robust connections and structural integrity with our durable metal connectors.

  • Reducing Connector

    Our Reducers (Reduzierstück) are the key to optimizing airflow in your ventilation system. Transition seamlessly between duct sizes and maintain efficient air distribution with our precision reducers.

  • Check Valves

    Our Check Valves provide reliable backflow prevention in your ventilation system. Ensure one-way airflow and maintain air quality with our high-performance check valves.

  • Hose Connectors

    Our hose connectors provide secure and leak-free connections in your ventilation system. Ensure efficient airflow and airtight connections with our versatile connectors.

  • T-Connector

    Our T-Connectors are essential components for expanding and branching your ventilation system. Create efficient pathways for airflows and optimize your ventilation configuration.

  • Connection Sleeve

    Our connection sleeves ensure secure and flexible connections in your ventilation system. Easily adapt pipe diameters and achieve airtight, reliable connections.

  • Wall Flange

    Our wall flanges are sturdy connectors for securing your ventilation ducts to walls. Ensure stability and reliability in your ventilation setup.

  • Y-Connector

    Our Y-Connectors enable the splitting and branching of airflows in your ventilation system. Optimize air distribution and enhance efficiency.

  • Various Ventilation...

    Our diverse ventilation accessories provide solutions for different needs. Enhance your system for optimal air quality.

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