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At Cali Terpenes we are devoted to elaborating cannabis terpene profiles, 100% natural, to be used in vaporisation and aromatherapy. We have one of the best testing and product development laboratories in Europe and we always use high-quality raw material, to ensure that our products meet all our customers expectations.

The high quality of the terpens it is very important for us and we ensure to work with products of the highest purity, thus assuring excellence in our final products. It must be noted that our terpene profiles of specific cannabis varieties often end up forming part of other products of the market, which obliges us to ensure for our customers the maximum quality and standards in all our products. Both in Europe and in the USA our customers already used to mix our terpenes, either with CBD, PGC, glycerines or THC (depending on each country and/or customer), and mixed them with different herbal extracts and resins achieving outstanding results.

Cali Terpenes can develop new terpenes of specific cannabis varieties, on demand, producing customised terpene profiles, which can be unique in your catalogue.  If you are interested, contact us at to know the conditions and development times.

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Our star product are the terpenes of specific cannabis varieties.

Terpenes are the main constituent of the essential oils of many plants, flowers and fruits, such as lavender, lemon trees, pine trees or cannabis and constitute their smell and flavour. Moreover, they all have medicinal properties and act as natural diluents of extracts, oils and resins.

Our terpene profiles of specific cannabis varieties are made from complete profiles of cannabis terpene extractions, with prime quality raw material, using 100% legal plants in which the concentration of terpenes is greater than in cannabis.

The result is a terpene profile identical to that of an extraction of cannabis terpenes, and is also cleaner, purer and finally, more economical.  We can say, therefore, that our product is of an equal or higher quality than an extraction of cannabis terpenes of the highest quality, with a much lower sale and cost price.

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Main characteristics and certificates of Cali Terpenes:

  • Combinations of 100% pure and natural terpenes, without additives and free of cannabinoids (THC,CBD,CBN,CBG,...).
  • Extracted by means of 100% natural and organic processes, without solvents and heavy metals.
  • Made from prime quality raw material, from 100% organic crops free of pollutants.
  • "Kosher"certificate, "Halal" certificate. The terpenes by Cali Terpenes comply with the European vaporisation legislation. Moreover, all our raw materials are authorised for use with foodstufs.

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Possible applications of the terpenes by Cali Terpenes:

The terpene by Cali Terpenes have multiple applications, the main ones are stated below:

  • Add flavour and aroma to all type of oils, herbal extracts and resins.
  • Dissolve herbal extracts, oils and resins to be able to vaporise in the so called "Oil Pens", “Dab pens” or “Vape pens”
  • Add flavour and aroma to specific cannabis varieties such as Gorilla Glue or Jamaican Dream to all type of vaporising liquid bases (e-liquids) to enjoy the authentic flavour of your favourite cannabis varieties without the effect of the cannabinoids.
  • All our terpenes are suitable for aromatherapy.

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