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Since the beginning of the 1990’s BIONOVA is worldwide well known as the manufacturer of premium fertilizers, stimulators and substrates! The experience behind our premium products comes from years of studies and research, combined with practical experience which brings you reliable products where you and your plants can rely on! 

BIONOVA cares about the environment and future of our planet by being completely CO² neutral. BIONOVA is available all around the world with a certified product range. We provide extremely concentrated fertilizers and stimulators, from small cultivators to commercial operations worldwide with our dedicated service and knowledge. BIONOVA’s minerals are food-grade or natural and organic. BIONOVA is an innovative company, we improve our products constantly and we develop new products like VEGANICS, the organic vegan fertilizer free of animal ingredients.

Bio Nova


  • Bio Nova Vegan

    The most natural and cleanest way of feeding your crops, 100% Vegan – no animal ingredients inside, just vegetal clean nutrients!

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