E-Papillon 1000W - 230V Dimmable Low Profile


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Lighting - E-Papillon 1000W - 230V Dimmable Low Profile

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This complete luminaire is known as a high class product to be one of the most popular double ended lighting systems on the market. The efficiency is what makes the e-Papillon unique. Due to its open reflector design and in combination with improved ballasts, this luminaire offers an output of ~2100 µmol/sec, the highest PAR output in the industry with lower power consumption.

Features overview:

  • 1000W adjustable ultra high frequency ballast (600-1150w)
  • 1000W EL Double ended
  • Highest PAR performance in the industry, ~ 2100 µmol/sec
  • Efficiency > 95%.
  • Patented open reflector design increases efficiency to > 95%.
  • Optimum illumination 1.2 x 2.5 m

Manufacturer's specifications:

A complete lamp with low profile, adjustable power and double ended ePapillon 1000 Watt EL PLUS 2100 400V bulb. Thanks to its low profile, this complete luminaire is more suitable for low spaces. The ballast works with 230V mains voltage and converts this to suit the 400V bulb. The integrated spirit level is available for optimum alignment of the luminaire.

The ePapillon illuminant has 2100µMol, which means approx. 300µMol more light output than the competitors' illuminants.

Due to the open reflector concept and the improved ballast, combined with a specially developed light source, high reliability and low energy consumption are achieved.

In this combination they generate 34 % PAR light, 34 % infrared heat radiation and 32 % convection heat. Thanks to the optimized reflectors, the PAR light and the infrared radiant heat are divided in identical ways.

Convection heat (air heat), in contrast to radiant heat, is an indirect form of heat transfer. The heat generated on the surface of the light source is not transferred directly to the plant, but is used indirectly via the air in the greenhouse as a means of transport. The result is a natural stream of air which ensures that the heat is gradually distributed to the environment. This prevents warm spots from forming on the plants. Excess convection heat is thus dissipated and does not return to the light source. This automatically extends the service life.


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