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SANlight Q5W Led light 205 W - 2. Generation


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SANlight Q5W Led light 205 W - 2. Generation

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Flexible - Performance-oriented - Future-proof

The 2nd generation of the Q - Series was developed to meet our position as technological market leader and to extend our lead. For you as a user this means maximum flexibility with best system efficiency and usability.

Each luminaire of the Q - Series consists of one or more Light Modules. These Light Modules feature the latest 2mm² LED chip technology, which enables the generation of a broadband optimal light spectrum with an efficiency of 2.7µmol/J.

The secondary optics, which direct more than 95% of the photons onto the cultivation surface, also protect the LEDs. Contamination can simply be wiped off and the light output is maintained over the lifetime of the system.

The optimized heat sink ensures minimal temperatures on the LED chip (<70°C), and provides a secure mechanical connection to the supply rail.
We give you the opportunity to...

The Q-Series models are designed to provide the right solution for any mounting situation. For the classic cultivation areas we offer an ECO solution or an EXPERT Set Up. This means you can choose between maximum energy savings and cost efficiency, or maximum yield.

Options such as Power Boost or Dimmer allow you to extend the power range of your system or adapt it to new conditions. Every luminaire in the Q-Series is prepared for this, i.e. READY-TO-DIMM and READY-TO-BOOST.

Of course the luminaires are daisychainable among each other. Several luminaires can be supplied via one power connection.

Each luminaire of the Q-Series can be upgraded to the latest state of the art at low cost and with minimum use of resources by replacing the Light Modules. It is upgradeable.

The luminaire is supplied without cable, please order cables according to configuration:

520 PPF
Broadband, continuous light spectrum especially for fruit producing plants
Power consumption 205 watts
Power factor ﹥ 0.95
Beam angle 90°
rectangular and homogeneous illumination of the culture area
cooled passively
Protection class IP40
3 years warranty
interchangeable Light Modules
90% light output after 100,000 hours

Power consumption: 205W
Power factor: >0.95
Input voltage range: 90 - 305
maximum input current: 0.97
PPF: 520
Weight: 5,5 kg
Emission wave range: 400- 780
Protection class: IP40


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