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With a power consumption of 396W and an output of 1080µmol, the Sylvania Gro-Lux LED is the most advanced and powerful passive cooled LED system on the market.

With this power, the Sylvania Gro-Lux LED is able to replace a 600W 400V EL sodium vapour lamp from the horticultural sector on a par with a 600W 400V EL lamp and save more than 33% on energy costs! The passive cooling also makes the luminaire not only IP66 waterproof, but also completely noiseless.

Due to the particularly wide beam angle of 120°, the luminaire offers excellent uniformity and a better depth effect, as shadows are minimised.

The Sylvania Gro-Lux LED Linear has been designed to consistently deliver optimum performance.

To ensure reliability, longevity and safety for the user, only quality components are used in the production of the LED luminaire.

The complete luminaire is made of aluminium, which enables efficient heat regulation without active fans. Without any moving parts, it therefore runs without a greaseproof surface and with low wear. In addition, all cables are heat-resistant.

The glass cover is easy to clean with conventional household appliances. No special cleaners are required. The glass is not scratched or blunt, as is the case with conventional plastic covers from other manufacturers.

Damage to the covers is always accompanied by direct light loss. This risk is eliminated by the use of high-quality glass.

Due to the anti-reflective glass in the Sylvania Gro-Lux LED Linear, the light loss is less than 0.1% and can therefore almost be ignored.

Another aspect that makes the luminaire completely safe and suitable for any application is the use of Gore-Tex® plugs. These allow air exchange within the modules while remaining 100% water and water vapour protected and complying with IP Class 66 guidelines.

Made in Great Britain.





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