SANlight EVO 5 - 150 cm - Led light 320 W


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SANlight EVO 5  - 150 cm - Led light 320 W

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With the EVO series, we present you with the pinnacle of the evolutionary chain in Led luminaires for the cultivation of plants. All experience from in-house and external research has been combined with the latest technology.

You, as the user, benefit from maximum flexibility, best system efficiency and sustainable service life with the EVO series. No matter if you want to light a small area, a professional indoor CBD production or a whole greenhouse. With the EVO series, we can offer you the right grow light for every application.

Efficiency is not just a number in the data sheet...

Of course, with the EVO series we offer an advanced efficiency of more than 3µmol/J at module level. However, much more attention was paid to the yield per area and time during the development. In countless empirical trials with cannabis and other plants, the spectrum was optimised as best as possible. The resulting broadband light spectrum extends beyond the conventional PAR range and offers a Far Red to Red ratio, which positively influences photo-morphogenesis and thus also the quality and quantity of the harvest.

Protection and light control...

In the development of the EVO series, the protective and light-directing secondary optics were optimised to the geometric dimensions of the luminaire. This results in incredibly homogeneous illumination with the best light intensity (PPFD). The asymmetrically emitting secondary optics also minimises losses during the transport of photons to the plants and at the same time protects the Leds from environmental influences to which the luminaire is exposed during plant cultivation. Sulphur and other chemical substances cannot penetrate to the LED. This prevents oxidation of the Led chip reflector. The optics can be cleaned without any problems. The protection and the possibility of cleaning guarantee a constant light output for many years.

Finest technology...

From an almost unmanageable selection of LEDs available on the market, we have chosen only the best for you. For red and far-red LEDs, we have chosen the latest OSRAM High Power Leds, as we did years ago. For white LEDs, we were convinced by the patented WICOP technology from Seoul Semiconductor. The LEDs with this technology are characterised by particular robustness and best efficiency due to the absence of lead frames and silver.


Every model in the EVO series is "ready-to-dim". This means that the luminaire is compatible with the typical control systems used in greenhouse technology.
Alternatively, you can retrofit the luminaire with a magnetic dimmer or Bluetooth dimmer.
Compared to rotary potentiometers, our solutions are wear-free and cannot be affected by humidity or water.

Professionalism starts with the cable....

In the EVO series, all plug connections are made with high-quality waterproof connectors, which have established themselves in commercial horticulture over the past decades. All accessories offered by us are designed for the harsh greenhouse environment. This allows you to easily and safely configure, dim or daisy-chain your system to suit your needs.


Although our luminaires may seem a little taller at first glance, in practical use they can save quite a bit of height. In most grow rooms, filters and ventilation systems are mounted on the ceiling. With our EVO series, the required equipment can be positioned between the luminaires and not a single cm of usable height is lost. Due to their design, lighting systems from other manufacturers have to be mounted below the ventilation system. This wastes considerably more space. This applies to small grow tents as well as large, professional installations.

  • Power consumption 320 W
  • Power factor >0.95
  • Input voltage range 100 - 240/277 50/60HZ
  • max. input current 1,5@220Vac
  • PPF*870
  • Weight 6,4kg
  • Emission wave range 400 - 780
  • Protection class IP65


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