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After smoking enjoy your own Spinach, Amaranth and Basil for Dinner ;) Thanks to the Herbal Tips

What are Karma Filter Tips?

Karma Filter Tips are specially created RYO cigarette filters that offer an enriching smoking experience while being designed to change Cigarette Waste into something awesome!


With over 6.09 billion pounds of degradation-resistant, synthetic filters littering every nook and cranny of the planet every year, these filters can reverse the effects of this pollution in just a few years!


Karma Filter Tips are hand-made from Natural Cotton, Fruit and Vegetable pulp which means that no trees are cut to produce this filter paper and made without the use of any kind of chemicals. The speciality of these filter tips are that they contain seeds of exotic and edible plants like Amaranth, Basil, Spinach, Rosemary, Celosia, Wildflowers etc that grow after you throw away your cigarettes.

Did you

Know ?

The Most Commonly Found Pieces Of Trash In Oceans

4.5 Trillion Cigarette Butts Littered Every Year

Most Synthetic Cigarette Butts Take Over 15 Years To Decompose Partially

Synthetic Cigarette Butts Constitue Over 30% Of The Total Pieces Of Garbage Collected From The Sea

Butts to Buds

To tickle the conscience of the smokers, we created butts using 100% organic and non-toxic paper, made of fruit pulp, vegetable extracts and more importantly herbal and flowering seeds. All the smokers have to do now is to stick the butts in the soil or chuck them into the fields. So that the seeds in the cigarette butts would sprout into different plants.

The world caught on to it quickly and the media allover the world took great interest in this unique innovation. Imagine a day, when we can plant 5 trillion trees on this planet instead of polluting it for the successive generations.


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By on  03 Apr. 2021 (Karma Tips Handmade Herbal) :


Ils sont super et l idee et tellement génial

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By on  02 June 2019 (Karma Tips Handmade Herbal) :

the best!


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