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  • Dinafem

    Dinafem is a seed bank that sells the best selection of own and foreign cannabis seeds on an international level. We once started as growers ourselves and have since then continuously researched the genetics of marijuana plants until we received our world-renowned seeds.

    We are personally available to you, advise you on your purchase and provide you with the necessary know-how for Selbergrow through articles in our blog and multimedia files about the best seeds.

  • Dutch Passion
  • Fenocan

    FENOCAN is an international group of companies headquartered in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Spain. FENOCAN is specialized in the research and development of new, low-THC resinous cannabis varieties and the production of feminized seeds.
    The plant genomes are important triggers for growth structure, phytochemical output and many other traits in the Cannabis plant. We at FENOCAN apply SMART (Selection with Markers Advanced Reproductive Technologies) breeding techniques — using the knowledge of the genome to achieve the full potential of the plant, while breeding with traditional methods. FENOCAN works 100% GMO free only. SMART helps facing the most challenging issues that we face as the scale of hemp cultivation grows larger, e.g. mold and insects or the pesticides used to fight them. By following the plant’s genomic map and breeding towards increased resistance, we are able to move closer to fighting infections without the use of chemicals.
    We like to think of our strains being crafted works of scientific art. Imagine the ability to choose preferred cannabinoid content, terpene set, growth and yield characteristics – tailor-made like a chef in a kitchen with any ingredient being at disposal by reaching into nature’s toolbox for the right genetic profile.

  • JYM Seeds

    JYM Seeds GmbH is the first Swiss company for the domestic production of quality cannabis seeds below 1%THC with explicitly increased CBD values.
    Due to our unique and standardized technology, as well as our long experience, we are particularly innovative in the production of feminized seeds and in the selection of genetics. Our research department is active in breeding, development and refinement of new varieties.
    JYM Seeds researches, produces and sells exclusively in Switzerland and operates entirely without genetic engineering. Our seeds are not suitable for fibre production.

  • Kannabia

    Kannabia Seeds is dedicated to cannabis seed growers and marijuana. This is why we offer the public the chance to buy our cannabis seeds online. Influenced by the concerns and suggestions of cannabis cultivators we have spent years developing systems that ensure the best cannabis strains and the optimal development of our strains.

  • One Seeds

    ONE PREMIUM CBD SEEDS is part of a group that is continuously working to create and develop cutting edge innovations to the world’s problems using cannabis. Developing elite genetics in our laboratories that are being used for different applications such as biodegradable plastics, cosmetics and products that are beneficial to our health, while generating ideas that are changing the world as we know it today.

    From seed to plant to end product, ONE PREMIUM CBD SEEDS is the first step in this process. Our production facility in Switzerland includes indoor and outdoor cultivation sites where testing and production is carried out ensuring our clients with the highest grade extraction product available on the market today. When it comes to CBD genetics there is no substitute.

    Our team of professionals have carefully selected and tested our genetics for favorable grow traits and high levels of CBD and terpene production.

  • Sweet Seeds

    Spanish seed bank from Valencia, founded in 2006, specialized in feminized varieties with focus on aroma and yield. Very good Autoflower varieties. Sweet Seeds wins prizes at the various Cannabis Cups every year.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items