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Dexso is a Swiss "Born Global" start-up company, founded in 2014. Since its very beginning Dexso was set up to be competitive on a global market. Dexso has unique, slender but efficient structures with Swiss know-how and an ERP-based company structure, to stay as competitive as possible.This is how Dexso combines the strengths of Swiss knowledge and European resources, such as European production possibilities.

Since we are constantly trying to improve our reach, our products and services, as well as the products applications, we are always interested in new partnerships of any kind.

The vision of Dexso is bringing "Swissness" to the worldwide market of plant based extractions. In this manner, Dexso acts as a bridge between the small and the large, between the private user and the industry. Therefore Dexso produces several product lines, adapted to the needs of different customer groups, always with the general goal of being a quality leader. Besides its own products Dexso is also producing private labeled products and others in the area of contract manufacturing.

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