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I am Merlin, an Appenzeller pointed hood Hahn. From me, there are not so many and so I am also on the list of rare species in Switzerland. A typical feature is my striking headdress. Since the Chicks stand on it fully. I also like to spend the night in trees and hard winter can hardly what hurt me.

Lately, I´m also a model for a company. They produce liquids which then pure steam, people. That seems good for them to taste. It´s also the ingredients that are written on it. Is in the people today no longer a matter of course, because some of them extract materials from wood bark and other then sell it as a strawberry flavor. Well, most seem that not really noticing. But Merlin´s Garden mix also comes really valerian, orange or lemon as pure as essential oil essence, and everything biologically. At the moment I´m on other shootings at Merlin´s Garden Mix for entirely new beverages and food. You may rejoice! But now I ask the company once briefly.

The team thinks holistically, combines science with spirituality and integrates the knowledge of ancient cultures from alchemy or the Ayurveda. You can see the plants and animals as their brothers and sisters who share with them a lot and to teach. They think ecologically, socially and economically sustainable and part of the commodities produced in young forest gardens, the other in the indoor growing.

So there lies quite a lot of steam behind it. Then it makes good time and have fun with the products. Your Merlin!

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Terra Energetika Hemp Relax Spray 10 ml

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